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  • ISO 834-1:1999 Fire-resistance tests. Elements of building construction. General requirements
    AMENDMENT 1:January 2012
  • ISO 1452-3:2009 Plastics piping systems for water supply and for buried and above-ground drainage and sewerage under pressure. Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U). Fittings
  • ISO 2419:2012 (Edition 4) Leather. Physical and mechanical tests. Sample preparation and conditioning
  • ISO 3129:2012 (Edition 2) Wood. Sampling methods and general requirements for physical and mechanical testing of small clear wood specimens
  • ISO 3382-3:2012 (Edition 5) Acoustics. Measurement of room acoustic parameters. Open plan offices
  • ISO 4251-1:2005 Tyres (ply rating marked series) and rims for agricultural tractors and machines. Tyre designation and dimensions, and approved rim contours
    AMENDMENT 1:January 2012
  • ISO 5360:2012 (Edition 3) Anaesthetic vaporizers. Agent-specific filling systems
  • ISO 5628:2012 (Edition 2) Paper and board. Determination of bending stiffness. General principles for two-point, three-point and four-point methods
  • ISO/IEC 7810:2003 Identification cards. Physical characteristics
    AMENDMENT 2:January 2012
  • ISO/TS 8000-1:2011 (CD-ROM) Data quality. Overview
  • ISO 8483:2003 Glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) pipes and fittings. Test methods to prove the design of bolted flange joints
    AMENDMENT 1:February 2012
  • ISO/IEC 9075-1:2011 (CD-ROM) (Edition 4) Information technology. Database languages. SQL. Framework (SQL/Framework)
  • ISO/IEC 9075-2:2011 (CD-ROM) (Edition 4) Information technology. Database languages. SQL. Foundation (SQL/Foundation)
  • ISO/IEC 9075-4:2011 (CD-ROM) (Edition 5) Information technology. Database languages. SQL. Persistent Stored Modules (SQL/PSM)
  • ISO/IEC 9075-11:2011 (CD-ROM) (Edition 3) Information technology. Database languages. SQL. Information and Definition Schemas (SQL/Schemata)
  • ISO/IEC 9075-14:2011 (CD-ROM) (Edition 4) Information technology. Database languages. SQL. XML-Related Specifications (SQL/XML)
  • ISO 9223:2012 (Edition 2) Corrosion of metals and alloys. Corrosivity of atmospheres. Classification, determination and estimation
  • ISO 9224:2012 (Edition 2) Corrosion of metals and alloys. Corrosivity of atmospheres. Guiding values for the corrosivity categories
  • ISO 9225:2012 (Edition 2) Corrosion of metals and alloys. Corrosivity of atmospheres. Measurement of environmental parameters affecting corrosivity of atmospheres
  • ISO 9226:2012 (Edition 2) Corrosion of metals and alloys. Corrosivity of atmospheres. Determination of corrosion rate of standard specimens for the evaluation of corrosivity
  • ISO 10140-1:2010 Acoustics. Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements. Application rules for specific products
    AMENDMENT 1:February 2012
  • ISO 10502:2012 (Edition 2) Aerospace. Hose assemblies in polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) for use up to 232ºC and 10500 kPa. Technical specifications and requirements
  • ISO 10552:2012 (Edition 2) Timekeeping instruments. Crowns and sealed tubes. Designs and dimensions
  • ISO 11040-3:2012 (Edition 2) Prefilled syringes. Seals for dental local anaesthetic cartridges
  • ISO 11040-5:2012 (Edition 3) Prefilled syringes. Plunger stoppers for injectables
  • ISO 11269-2:2012 (Edition 3) Soil quality. Determination of the effects of pollutants on soil flora. Effects of contaminated soil on the emergence and early growth of higher plants
  • ISO 11363-1:2010 Gas cylinders. 17E and 25E taper threads for connection of valves to gas cylinders. Specifications
    CORRIGENDUM 2:January 2012
  • ISO 11568-2:2012 (Edition 3) Financial services. Key management (retail). Symmetric ciphers, their key management and life cycle
  • ISO/TS 11869:2012 Fermented milks. Determination of titratable acidity. Potentiometric method
  • ISO 11979-7:2006 Ophthalmic implants. Intraocular lenses. Clinical investigations
    AMENDMENT 1:January 2012
  • ISO 12231:2012 (Edition 3) Photography. Electronic still picture imaging. Vocabulary
  • ISO 12651-1:2012 Electronic document management. Vocabulary. Electronic document imaging
  • ISO 12696:2012 Cathodic protection of steel in concrete
  • ISO 14088:2012 Leather. Chemical tests. Quantitative analysis of tanning agents by filter method
  • ISO 14242-1:2012 (Edition 2) Implants for surgery. Wear of total hip-joint prostheses. Loading and displacement parameters for wear-testing machines and corresponding environmental conditions for test
  • ISO 14287:2012 Plain bearings. Pad materials for tilting pad bearings
  • ISO/IEC 14496-5:2001 (CD-ROM) Information technology. Coding of audio-visual objects. Reference software
    AMENDMENT 30:December 2011
  • ISO/IEC 14496-5:2001 (CD-ROM) Information technology. Coding of audio-visual objects. Reference software
    AMENDMENT 26:December 2011
  • ISO/IEC 14496-27:2009 (CD-ROM) Information technology. Coding of audio-visual objects. 3D Graphics conformance
    AMENDMENT 3:December 2011
  • ISO 14641-1:2012 Electronic archiving. Specifications concerning the design and the operation of an information system for electronic information preservation
  • ISO 14930:2012 Leather. Leather for dress gloves. Specification
  • ISO 15202-2:2012 (Edition 2) Workplace air. Determination of metals and metalloids in airborne particulate matter by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry. Sample preparation
  • ISO 15306:2003 Glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) pipes. Determination of the resistance to cyclic internal pressure
    AMENDMENT 1:January 2012
  • ISO/IEC 15504-5:2012 (Edition 2) Information technology. Process assessment. An exemplar software life cycle process assessment model
  • ISO 15817:2012 (Edition 2) Earth-moving machinery. Safety requirements for remote operator control systems
  • ISO/TR 15922:2011 Metallic and other inorganic coatings. Evaluation of properties of dark-stain phenomenon of chromated coiled or sheet products
  • ISO 16131:2012 Leather. Upholstery leather characteristics. Selection of leather for furniture
  • ISO 16431:2012 Hydraulic fluid power. System cleanup procedures and verification of cleanliness of assembled systems
  • ISO 17474:2012 Corrosion of metals and alloys. Conventions applicable to electrochemical measurements in corrosion testing
  • ISO 18312-1:2012 Mechanical vibration and shock. Measurement of vibration power flow from machines into connected support structures. Direct method
  • ISO 18312-2:2012 Mechanical vibration and shock. Measurement of vibration power flow from machines into connected support structures. Indirect method
  • ISO/IEC 19795-6:2012 Information technology. Biometric performance testing and reporting. Testing methodologies for operational evaluation
  • ISO 20126:2012 (Edition 2) Dentistry. Manual toothbrushes. General requirements and test methods
  • ISO 20347:2012 (Edition 2) Personal protective equipment. Occupational footwear
  • ISO 22389-2:2012 Timber structures. Bending applications of Ibeams. Component performance and manufacturing requirements
  • ISO/IEC 23001-4:2011 (Edition 2) Information technology. MPEG systems technologies. Codec configuration representation
  • ISO/IEC 23001-7:2012 Information technology. MPEG systems technologies. Common encryption in ISO base media file format files
  • ISO/IEC 23007-1:2010 Information technology. Rich media user interfaces. Widgets
    AMENDMENT 1:January 2012
  • ISO/IEC TR 23272:2011 (CD-ROM) (Edition 3) Information technology. Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). Information Derived from Partition IV XML File
  • ISO 24617-1:2012 Language resource management. Semantic annotation framework (SemAF). Time and events (SemAF-Time, ISO-TimeML)
  • ISO 28902-1:2012 Air quality. Environmental meteorology. Ground-based remote sensing of visual range by lidar
  • ISO/IEC 29179:2012 Information technology. Mobile item identification and management. Mobile AIDC application programming interface
  • ISO 29201:2012 (Edition 5) Water quality. The variability of test results and the uncertainty of measurement of microbiological enumeration methods
  • ISO/IEC GUIDE 63:2012 (Edition 2) Guide to the development and inclusion of safety aspects in International Standards for medical devices

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