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New Standards

  • AS 4084-2012 Steel storage racking
    Sets out minimum requirements for the design, fabrication and erection tolerances, test methods, operation and maintenance of steel storage racking in the limit states method. This Standard applies to adjustable static pallet racking made of cold-formed or hot-rolled steel structural members. It covers racking installed within a building, outside a building, and racking that forms part of the frame of the building.
    Supersedes AS 4084-1993
  • AS 4454-2012 Composts, soil conditioners and mulches
    Specifies requirements for organic products and mixtures of organic products that are to be used to amend the physical and chemical properties of natural or artificial soils and growing media. It specifies physical, chemical, biological and labelling requirements for composts, mulches, soil conditioners and related products that have been derived largely from compostable organic materials and which meet the minimum requirements as set out in this Standard. It covers products marketed or distributed both in bags and in bulk in an unrestricted manner in all market sectors including domestic use, urban landscaping, agriculture and land rehabilitation.
    Supersedes AS 4454-2003
  • AS 5830.2-2012 In-line ball valves for use in plumbing water supply systems – Plastics-bodied
    Sets out requirements for DN 6 to DN 110 plastics-bodied in-line ball valves for use in plumbing water supply systems, which include, but are not limited to, 2 way and 3 way valves. The valves are designed for non-buried installations operating at temperatures up to 60°C or as specified by the manufacturer.
    Supersedes ATS 5200.012-2005
  • HB 262-2012 Guidelines for messaging between diagnostics providers and health service providers
    This Handbook provides support for AS 4700.2-2007, which is the Standard for implementing external messaging using HL7 between diagnostics providers and all health service providers in Australia, using HL7 Version 2.4.
    Supersedes HB 262-2008
  • MP 55-2012 Telehealth: Remote Patient Monitoring – Discussion Paper
  • AS/RISSB 7633:2012 Railway Infrastructure – Track Clearances
    Specifies clearance requirements for the various track classifications in Australia as defined in AS 7630 Track classification. This standard describes requirements in design, construction, commissioning, inspecting, monitoring, maintenance, modification and decommissioning for clearances between rolling stock, fixed trackside structures and passing clearances between rolling stock on adjacent tracks.
  • AS/RISSB 7658:2012 Railway Infrastructure – Railway Level Crossing
    Provides the Australian Rail Industry with a set of mandatory and recommended requirements to be used to control level crossing risks, and to promote a consistent treatment of Australian level crossings.
  • ATS 5200.483-2012 Technical Specification for plumbing and drainage products – Odour control filter
    Sets out requirements for filter assemblies of nominal sizes DN 40 to DN 100, designed to be installed in the sanitary drainage system, in order to minimize odours in installations.
  • TR 5416-2012 Guide to HL7 V2 message parsing and management of character escaping with reference to backward compatibility
    Describes HL7 V2 message parsing and management of character escaping with reference to backward compatibility.

New Amendments

  • Amendment 1-2011 to AS 3533.1-2009 Amusement rides and devices – Design and construction
  • Amendment 1-2011 to AS 3533.2-2009 Amusement rides and devices – Operation and maintenance
  • Amendment 1-2012 to AS 3580.7.1-2011 Methods for sampling and analysis of ambient air – Determination of carbon monoxide – Direct-reading instrumental method
  • Amendment 1-2012 to AS 4100-1998 Steel structures

Superseded and withdrawn Standards

  • AS 4084-1993 Steel storage racking
    Superseded by AS 4084-2012
  • AS 4454-2003 Composts, soil conditioners and mulches
    Superseded by AS 4454-2012
  • HB 262-2008 Guidelines for pathology messaging between pathology providers and health service providers
    Superseded by HB 262-2012
  • ATS 5200.012-2005 Technical Specification for plumbing and drainage products – In-line valves for use in plumbing water supply systems – Miscellaneous types metallic and non-metallic
    Superseded by AS 5830.2-2012

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