Issue 39 – June 2012

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New Standards

AS 2118.4:2012 Automatic fire sprinkler systems – Sprinkler protection for accommodation buildings not exceeding four storeys in height

Specifies requirements for the design, installation and acceptance testing (commissioning) of automatic fire sprinkler systems in accommodation buildings not more than four storeys.

Supersedes AS 2118.4-1995

AS 4371-2012 Ceramic tableware

This Standard specifies the maximum permissible release of lead and cadmium from ceramic tableware for general use and specifies the performance and marking requirements for ceramic tableware of commercial and industrial and hotel grade.

Supersedes AS/NZS 4371:1996 in Australia only

AS 5376-2012 Gender-inclusive job evaluation and grading

Provides requirements, information and recommendations to assist with the design and implementation of fair and transparent job evaluation processes and gradings frameworks, as well as auditing those processes, for gender inclusiveness.

AS 5388.1-2012 Forensic analysis – Recognition, recording, recovery, transport and storage of material

This Standard specifies requirements for the recognition, recording, recovery, transport and storage of physical material from crime scenes in order to preserve its integrity for forensic purposes.

AS 5388.2-2012 Forensic analysis – Analysis and examination of material

This Standard specifies requirements for the forensic examination and analysis of physical material from crime scenes, persons and related areas and objects.

Superseded Standards

AS 2118.4-1995 Automatic fire sprinkler systems - Residential

Superseded by AS 2118.4:2012

AS/NZS 4371:1996 Ceramic tableware

Made Available Superseded by AS 4371-2012 in Australia only

Published in international.