Issue 40 – July 2012

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New Standards

  • AS 4254.1-2012 Ductwork for air-handling systems in buildings – Flexible duct
    Specifies requirements for materials, construction and installation, including some aspects of performance, for flexible duct for air-handling systems in buildings and facilities.
    Supersedes AS 4254-2002
  • AS 5483-2012 Minimizing the risk of contamination in products used to collect and analyse biological material for forensic DNA purposes
    This Standard specifies provisions for the manufacture of products used in forensic DNA collection and analysis. Products covered by the scope of this Standard include consumables used for evidence collection (including those used in DNA kits), such as swabs, containers and packaging, and also products used in the analysis of DNA samples, such as tubes and other plastic ware, disposable laboratory coats, gloves, masks and other consumables.
  • AS ISO 12647.8-2012 Graphic technology – Process control for the production of half-tone colour separations, proof and production prints – Validation print processes working directly from digital data
    Specifies the properties, and associated test methods, required for digital prints and printing processes to meet the criteria established for 'validation prints'.

New Amendments

  • Amendment 1-2012 to AS 1684.2-2010 Residential timber-framed construction – Non-cyclonic areas
  • Amendment 1-2012 to AS 1684.3-2010 Residential timber-framed construction – Cyclonic areas
  • Amendment 1-2012 to AS 1684.4-2010 Residential timber-framed construction – Simplified – Non-cyclonic areas

Superseded and withdrawn

  • Standard AS 4254-2002 Ductwork for air-handling systems in buildings
    Superseded by AS 4254.1-2012

Published in international.