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New Standards

  • AS 2805.6.7-2011 Electronic funds transfer – Requirements for interfaces – Key management – Transaction keys – Derived unique key per transaction (DUKPT)
    This Standard specifies a method of key management for keys used in the authentication, encipherment and decipherment of electronic messages relating to financial transactions using transaction key, key identification techniques, and the data elements necessary for the transfer of security or key management information.
  • AS 3533.4.4-2011 Amusement rides and devices – Specific requirements – Concession go-karts
    Supersedes AS 3533.1-2009 (in part) and AS 3533.2-2009 (in part)
  • AS 4145.5-2011 Locksets and hardware for doors and windows – Controlled door closing devices (EN 1154:1997, MOD)
  • AS 5239-2011 Examination of ignitable liquids in fire debris
    Specifies requirements and provides guidance for the analysis of fire debris on methods applicable to the determination of the presence of ignitable liquid residues (ILR) in fire debris for forensic purposes.
  • AS ISO 12647.1:2012 Graphic technology – Process control for the production of half-tone colour separations, proof and production prints – Parameters and measurement methods
    Adopts ISO 12647-1:2004 to list and explain the minimum set of primary process parameters required to uniquely define the visual characteristics and related technical properties of a proof or production print produced directly from digital data or from a set of half-tone separation films.
  • AS ISO 12647.7:2012 Graphic technology – Process control for the production of half-tone colour separations, proof and production prints – Proofing processes working directly from digital data
    Adopts ISO 15647-7:2007 to specify requirements for systems that are used to produce hard-copy digital proof prints intended to simulate a printing condition defined by a set of characterization data.
  • AS 61000.3.100-2011 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Limits – Steady state voltage limits in public electricity systems
    Specifies the steady state voltage limits in low voltage and medium voltage public electricity systems at the customer connection point. Electricity customers and equipment manufacturers can use limits of steady state supply voltages in combination with knowledge of voltage drop in customer installations to assess that range of steady state voltage levels that can be expected to be applied to electrical and electronic equipment under normal operating conditions. This Standard also recommends threshold limits for the detection of voltage dips and voltage swells. Although recommended voltage thresholds for voltage dips and voltage swells are contained in this Standard, no limits are set on voltage dip or voltage swell performance.

New Amendments

  • Amendment 2-2011 to AS 1926.2-2007 Swimming pool safety – Location of safety barriers for swimming pools
  • Amendment 1-2011 to AS 1926.3-2010 Swimming pool safety – Water recirculation systems
  • Amendment 1-2012 to AS 60044.1-2007 Instrument transformers – Current transformers

Superseded and withdrawn Standards

  • AS 3533.1-2009 Amusement rides and devices – Design and construction
    Superseded by AS 3533.4.4-2011
  • AS 3533.2-2009 Amusement rides and devices – Operation and maintenance
    Superseded by AS 3533.4.4-2011

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