ISOs 2011 Annual Report looks to the future

Issue 41 – August 2012

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the world's largest producer of international Standards. ISO takes an innovative approach to its annual report and the ISO Annual Report 2011 even takes a provocative approach, since the report lays down the challenge, 'ISO…so what?'

ISO Secretary-General Rob Steele comments: 'The conventional annual report focuses on the importance of the organisation and what it does. The ISO Annual Report 2011 tries something different, inviting the reader: 'Imagine it's already 31 December 2012 – for you to agree that ISO has done a great job, what would it have had to do for you?'

To provide an idea of the potential of ISO Standards to benefit users, this annual report focuses not on what ISO has to say about itself, but on what a selection of the users, customers, and stakeholders of ISO Standards had to say in 2011. They come from both public and private sectors, and include experts who participate in the development of ISO Standards.

Rob Steele adds: 'I hope the ISO Annual Report 2011 makes stimulating reading and will act as an eye opener to the contributions that ISO Standards make to meeting the challenges facing the international community.'

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Summarised from an ISO media release, 22 May 2012.

Published in international.