ISO releases Code of Conduct for technical committees

Issue 31 – September 2011

The International Organization for Standardization is conducting a full review of its Standards development processes to make them simpler, faster, and better. A Code of Conduct (the Code) was drafted in consultation with the Technical Management Board and presented at the Technical Committee Chairs' conference in June 2011. The Code aims to make a positive contribution to ISO work by setting out endorsed conduct for participants in ISO technical meetings.

The Code is to facilitate ISO's work, which is carried out in an international, multi-stakeholder, multi-sector environment. It applies to people who choose to participate in an ISO committee, working group, or other consensus group. Groups that work in the framework of the ISO/IEC Directives must use the Code.

If you have any comments or queries about the Code of conduct please email

Read the ISO 'Code of Conduct' [PDF 16 KB].

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