Accessible packaging design new ISO Standard

Issue 31 – September 2011

ISO 11156:2011 Packaging – Accessible design – General requirements provides a framework for packaging design that takes into account the varying physical and sensory capabilities of users. This ensures the packaging can be used not only by people with visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive disabilities, but also by the elderly, the temporarily disabled – and by those with no disability at all.

The Standard complies with ISO/TR 22411:2008 and ISO/IEC Guide 71:2001, aimed mainly at designers and evaluators working in the field of standardisation. ISO 11156 can also be used by manufacturers, laboratories, service providers, educators, and others.

'This Standard, and some related Standards to follow, will help more individuals to use packaged products without the restrictions often imposed by age or disability or national differences,' says Dr Ken Sagawa, Convenor of the working group that developed ISO 11156. 'The economic benefit is that products developed using accessible design will be able to be purchased by a wider range of people, including older persons and those with disabilities, who are now a significant proportion of consumers with potential buying power.'

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Related Standards

  • ISO/TR 22411:2008 Ergonomics data and guidelines for the application of ISO/IEC Guide 71 to products and services to address the needs of older persons and persons with disabilities
  • ISO/IEC Guide 71:2001 Guidelines for Standards developers to address the needs of older persons and persons with disabilities

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