Standards bring order to a volatile world Australian Standards and Conformance Infrastructure guide

Australia's Standards and Conformance Infrastructure

Issue 33 – November 2011

The Australian Government recently released a publication that lists the country's key Standards and conformance organisations and describes how they underpin Australia's industrial and innovation processes and provide a firm foundation for trade and investment. Australia's Standards and Conformance Infrastructure – An Essential Foundation was launched by Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr who said the Government understood the importance of a strong Standards system 'because it helps keep Australians safe and live richer, fairer, and greener lives'.

'Standards such as the AS 5100 Australian Standard for Bridge Design gives engineers the guidance they need to build strong, reliable bridges and identify those that need maintenance to ensure they remain safe,' says Senator Carr. 'Our Standards and Conformance Infrastructure gives confidence to customers, certainty to business, and clarity to the scientific community that products and services do what they are supposed to do and work consistently.'

The organisations referred to in the publication are the National Measurement Institute, Standards Australia, the National Association of Testing Authorities, and the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand. The new publication explains how the complementary activities of each organisation contribute to the national interest and public benefit.

'People take this work for granted, but it's worth remembering that, ultimately, a good Standards and Conformance Infrastructure is good for the economy and good for all Australians,' says Senator Carr. 'The Government fully supports these organisations in their efforts to provide an effective and cost efficient Standards and Conformance Infrastructure for Australia. They make a significant contribution to the development and maintenance of global Standards. They help to bring order to an otherwise volatile world.'

Summarised from a media release by Australia's Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr, 8 September 2011.

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