Improving visual and auditory design of products and displays new ISO standards

Issue 25 – March 2011

Two new ISO Standards will help make products, signs, and displays more accessible to older persons and those with disabilities – and the rest of us. The Standards offer technical information, data, and ergonomic know-how for visual and auditory design to address the needs of these often overlooked members of the population.

Ergonomics – Accessible design – Sound pressure levels of auditory signals for consumer products, ISO 24501:2010

ISO 24501 aims to determine an appropriate sound level range of auditory signals, so that all users, including people with age-related hearing loss, can hear them properly against interfering sounds.

Ergonomics – Accessible design – Specification of age-related luminance contrast for coloured light, ISO 24502:2010

ISO 24502 specifies a method of calculation that can be applied to the design of visual signs and displays to ensure they are clearly visible to older people. The luminance contrast can also be applied to people aged from 10 to 79 years of age.

For example, increasing the contrast (especially for blue light), size, and overall visibility of sign displays or integrating features such as oversized monitors or large character display fonts as part of product design can greatly help people with visual difficulties.

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