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  • IEC 60050-802:2011 International electrotechnical vocabulary. U
  • IEC 60086-3:2011 (Edition 3) Primary batteries. Watch batteries
  • IEC 60092-504:2001 Electrical installations in ships. Special features. Control and instrumentation
    CORRIGENDUM 1:January 2011
  • IEC 60099-8:2011 Surge arresters. Metal-oxide surge arresters with external series gap (EGLA) for overhead transmission and distribution lines of A.C. systems above 1 kV
  • IEC/TR 60146-1-2:2011 (Edition 4) Semiconductor converters. General requirements and line commutated converters. Application guide
  • IEC 60191-6-17:2011 Mechanical standardization of semiconductor devices. General rules for the preparation of outline drawings of surface mounted semiconductor device packages. Design guide for stacked packages. Fine-pitch ball grid array and fine-pitch land grid array (P-PFBGA and P-PFLGA)
  • IEC 60357:2002 Tungsten halogen lamps (non-vehicle). Performance specifications
    AMENDMENT 3:January 2011
  • IEC 60519-6:2011 (Edition 3) Safety in electroheat installations. Specifications for safety in industrial microwave heating equipment
  • IEC 60601-2-57:2011 Medical electrical equipment. Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of non-laser light source equipment intended for therapeutic, diagnostic, monitoring and cosmetic/aesthetic use
  • IEC/TR 60664-2-1:2011 (Edition 2) Insulation coordination for equipment within low-voltage systems. Application guide. Explanation of the application of the IEC 60664 series, dimensioning examples and dielectric testing
  • IEC 60704-2-13:2011 (Edition 2) Household and similar electrical appliances. Test code for the determination of airborne acoustical noise. Particular requirements for range hoods
  • IEC 60747-14-4:2011 Semiconductor devices. Discrete devices. Semiconductor accelerometers
  • IEC 60749-23:2004 Semiconductor devices. Mechanical and climatic test methods. High temperature operating life
    AMENDMENT 1:January 2011
  • IEC 61000-4-21:2011 (Edition 2) Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Testing and measurement techniques. Reverberation chamber test methods
  • IEC 61169-18:2011 Radio-frequency connectors. Sectional specification. Radio frequency coaxial connectors of type SSMA
  • IEC 61169-19:2011 Radio-frequency connectors. Sectional specification. Radio frequency coaxial connectors of type SSMB
  • IEC 61558-2-12:2011 (Edition 2) Safety of transformers, reactors, power supply units and combination thereof. Particular requirements and tests for constant voltage transformers and power supply units for constant voltage
  • IEC 61853-1:2011 Photovoltaic (PV) module performance testing and energy rating. Irradiance and temperature performance measurements and power rating
  • IEC 61966-12-1:2011 Multimedia systems and equipment. Colour measurement and management. Metadata for identification of colour gamut (Gamut ID)
  • IEC 62026-7:2010 Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Controller-device interfaces (CDIs). CompoNet
  • IEC 62271-206:2011 High-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Voltage presence indicating systems for rated voltages above 1 kV and up to and including 52 kV
  • IEC 62301:2011 (Edition 2) Household electrical appliances. Measurement of standby power
  • IEC/TR 62343-6-5:2011 Dynamic modules. Investigation of operating mechanical shock and vibration tests for dynamic modules
  • IEC/TR 62343-6-6:2011 Dynamic modules. Failure mode effect analysis for optical units of dynamic modules
  • IEC 62489-2:2011 Electroacoustics. Audio-frequency induction loop systems for assisted hearing. Methods of calculating and measuring the low-frequency magnetic field emissions from the loop for assessing conformity with guidelines on limits for human exposure
  • IEC 62496-2-2:2011 Optical circuit boards. Measurements. Dimensions of optical circuit boards
  • IEC 62496-3:2011 Optical circuit boards. Performance standards. General and guidance
  • IEC 62496-4:2011 Optical circuit boards. Interface standards. General and guidance
  • IEC 62532:2011 Fluorescent induction lamps. Safety specifications
  • IEC 62640:2011 Residual current devices with or without overcurrent protection for socket-outlets for household and similar uses


  • IEC/PAS 61189-3-913:2011 Test methods for electrical materials, printed boards and other interconnection structures and assemblies. Test methods for interconnection structures (printed boards). Electronic circuit board for high-brightness LEDs
  • IEC/PAS 62326-20:2011 Printed boards. Electronic circuit board for high-brightness LEDs

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