Facilities management proposed new ISO field of technical activity

Issue 30 – August 2011

Standards New Zealand is consulting with stakeholders about a potential new area of work for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on facilities management. If approved, the new technical committee (TC) will focus on the preparation of international Standards for facility management covering operational, tactical, and strategic levels to support primary processes.

It is proposed that the TC will initially develop two facility management Standards from existing European Standards.

  • The first Standard will describe the basic functions and scope of facility management and define relevant terms and definitions, which are needed to understand the context of facility management. This document will be a lead document for Standards in facility management and any subsequent Standards will reference this document.

  • The second Standard will give guidance on how to prepare effective facility management agreements, providing the basis of good procurement practice for facilities management. Facility management agreements define the relationship between an organisation that procures facility services (client) and an organisation that provides these services (facility management service provider). The Standard will apply to private and public organisations.

Standards New Zealand is consulting with key stakeholders to form the New Zealand view about whether this field of activity should go ahead at ISO.

Review the proposal here [PDF 266 KB].

For more information, or to provide any comments on this proposal, please email isoadmin@standards.co.nz by 23 September 2011.

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