Robot standardisation meetings in Wellington New Zealand

Attendees at the working group meeting of ISO TC 184/SC 2 WG 7

Issue 24 – February 2011

The following ISO working groups held their technical meetings during from 19 –28 January 2011 to address the emergence of new types of service robots:

  • ISO TC 184/ SC 2/WG 7 Study Group on medical care robots
  • ISO TC 184/ SC 2/WG 7 Personal care robot safety
  • ISO TC 184/ SC 2/WG 8 Service robots
  • ISO TC 184/ SC 2/ WG 1 Vocabulary on robots and robotic devices

A key emphasis of the meetings was on ensuring safety for the new types of non-industrial robots where close human-robot interaction is essential. Other issues discussed included quality performances of robots and definitions of the new terminology for robots, which is essential in an area where technology is rapidly progressing.

A new Joint Working Group (JWG) with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is being formed to develop Standards entitled 'medical devices using robotic technology'. This JWG will be between IEC SC 62A (Common aspects of electrical equipment used in medical practice) and ISO/TC 184/SC 2 (Robots and robotic devices). The nominations of experts have to be made by 22 April 2011 by the countries interested in this area of medical robots.

The next series of meetings will be held in Los Angeles, USA, in June 2011.

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