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  • IEC 60086-5:2011 (Edition 3) Primary batteries. Safety of batteries with aqueous electrolyte
  • IEC 60364-5-54:2011 (Edition 3) Low-voltage electrical installations. Selection and erection of electrical equipment. Earthing arrangements and protective conductors
  • IEC 60364-7-718:2011 Low-voltage electrical installations. Requirements for special installations or locations. Communal facilities and workplaces
  • IEC 60512-26-100:2008 Connectors for electronic equipment. Tests and measurements. Measurement setup, test and reference arrangements and measurements for connectors according to IEC 60603-7. Tests 26a to 26g
    AMENDMENT 1:March 2011
  • IEC 60601-2-27:2011 (Edition 3) Medical electrical equipment. Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of electrocardiographic monitoring equipment
  • IEC 60670-1:2002 Boxes and enclosures for electrical accessories for household and similar fixed electrical installations. General requirements
    AMENDMENT 1:March 2011
  • IEC 60670-24:2011 (Edition 2) Boxes and enclosures for electrical accessories for household and similar fixed electrical installations. Particular requirements for enclosures for housing protective devices and other power dissipating electrical equipment
  • IEC 60679-6:2011 Quartz crystal controlled oscillators of assessed quality. Phase jitter measurement method for quartz crystal oscillators and SAW oscillators. Application guidelines
  • IEC 60745-2-22:2011 Hand-held motor-operated electric tools. Safety. Particular requirements for cut-off machines
  • IEC 60793-2-10:2011 (Edition 4) Optical fibres. Product specifications. Sectional specification for category A1 multimode fibres
  • IEC 60825-4:2006 Safety of laser products. Laser guards
    AMENDMENT 2:March 2011
  • IEC 60838-1:2004 Miscellaneous lampholders. General requirements and tests
    AMENDMENT 2:March 2011
  • IEC 60947-4-3:1999 Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Contactors and motor-starters. AC semiconductor controllers and contactors for non-motor loads
    AMENDMENT 2:March 2011
  • IEC 61167:2011 (Edition 2) Metal halide lamps. Performance specification
  • IEC 61300-1:2011 (Edition 3) Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components. Basic test and measurement procedures. General and guidance
  • IEC 61643-11:2011 Low-voltage surge protective devices. Surge protective devices connected to low-voltage power systems. Requirements and test methods
  • IEC 61936-1:2010 Power installations exceeding 1 kV A.C. Common rules
    CORRIGENDUM 1:March 2011
  • IEC/TS 61968-2:2011 (Edition 2) Application integration at electric utilities. System interfaces for distribution management. Glossary
  • IEC/TS 61994-4-2:2011 (Edition 2) Piezoelectric, dielectric and electrostatic devices and associated materials for frequency control, selection and detection. Glossary. Piezoelectric and dielectric materials. Piezoelectric ceramics
  • IEC 62040-3:2011 (Edition 2) Uninterruptible power systems (UPS). Method of specifying the performance and test requirements
  • IEC 62047-8:2011 Semiconductor devices. Micro-electromechanical devices. Strip bending test method for tensile property measurement of thin films
  • IEC/TR 62267-2:2011 Railway applications. Automated urban guided transport (AUGT). Safety requirements. Hazard analysis at top system level
  • IEC/TS 62332-1:2011 (Edition 2) Electrical insulation systems (EIS). Thermal evaluation of combined liquid and solid components. General requirements
  • IEC 62343-2:2011 Dynamic modules. Reliability qualification
  • IEC 62359:2010 Ultrasonics. Field characterization. Test methods for the determination of thermal and mechanical indices related to medical diagnostic ultrasonic fields
    CORRIGENDUM 1:March 2011
  • IEC/TS 62504:2011 General lighting. LEDs and LED modules. Terms and definitions
  • IEC/TR 62543:2011 High-voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission using voltage sourced converters (VSC)
  • IEC/TS 62558:2011 Ultrasonics. Real-time pulse-echo scanners. Phantom with cylindrical, artificial cysts in tissue-mimicking material and method for evaluation and periodic testing of 3Ddistributions of void-detectability ratio (VDR)
  • IEC 62571:2011 Digital audiobook file format and player requirements
  • IEC 62598:2011 Nuclear instrumentation. Constructional requirements and classification of radiometric gauges


  • IEC/PAS 62565-2-1:2011 Nanomanufacturing. Material specifications. Single-wall carbon nanotubes. Blank detail specification
  • IEC/PAS 62707-1:2011 LED. Binning. General requirements and white grid

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