IT work discussion at ISOs 33rd General Assembly

Issue 22 – November 2010

An open session on 'IT@work and the contribution of Standards' was held during ISO's 33rd General Assembly in late September. The open session highlighted the influence and impact of information technology Standards 'at work'.

Paul Chaffey, Managing Director, Association of Norwegian knowledge- and technology-based companies, facilitated the session. The keynote address was given by Soumitra Dutta, Roland Berger Professor of Business and Technology and Founder and Academic Director, eLab, Institut Eurpeen d'Administration des Affaires (INSEAD).

There were three round-table sessions: health, construction, and information technology (IT). Debbie Chin, Chief Executive, Standards New Zealand, was on the panel for the health round table. Debbie spoke about:

  • IT and Standards in the health sector
  • how IT is being used to improve health outcomes and increase effectiveness and efficiency
  • areas where the health sector could do more to use IT and Standards to transform the way health services are delivered.

After giving an overview of healthcare in New Zealand, Debbie discussed the potential for IT in improving healthcare worldwide. This includes managing or eliminating major diseases such as diabetes.

She noted that introducing information in technology is a 'wicked problem' for the following reasons:

  • telemedicine
  • use of robotics (including for the elderly)
  • electronic health records
  • improve training for clinical staff
  • challenging to identify actual problems
  • health under-invests in IT
  • lack of understanding of health and IT solutions
  • stakeholders have different 'world' views
  • complex interdependencies
  • convergence of IT with clinical decision making and medical equipment
  • opportunities for use of IT in health.

Other issues discussed during the IT@work session included 'green IT' and IT in developing countries.

People from around the world were able to follow the IT@work session live via webcast.

More information about the conference and the IT@work session are available at the ISO website (

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