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  • AS 2561-2010 Guide to the determination and the use of quality costs
    Provides guidance on how to achieve economic benefits from the application of quality costs analysis and the use of cost data. It may be applied broadly to all organizations and at all levels within an organization. It is not intended to be used in contractual situations nor as a subject for third-party audits.
    Supersedes AS 2561-1982
    $116.13+GST (Retail), $92.90+GST (Members)
  • AS 2628-2010 Sealed grain-storage silos – Sealing requirements for insect control
    Specifies sealing requirements for sealed grain-storage silos, in which fumigation and controlled atmosphere treatments are conducted for the control of insects.
    $81.39+GST (Retail), $65.11+GST (Members)
  • AS 3569-2010 Steel wire ropes – Product specification
    Specifies requirements for steel wire ropes for all purposes, and includes tables giving linear mass and minimum breaking force against nominal diameter for each type of rope construction. It specifies materials, manufacture, marking, packing, and test requirements. Appendices give examples of the use of the designation system, sampling and acceptance criteria for type testing of ropes produced in series, some tables for minimum breaking forces, requirements of calculation of minimum breaking force, a specification for tests on wires taken from the rope, and information regarding rope grade equivalents.
    Supersedes AS 3569-1989
    $198.15+GST (Retail), $158.52+GST (Members)
  • AS 3610.1-2010 Formwork for concrete – Documentation and surface finish
    Sets out the requirements for the documentation, evaluation of the formed concrete surface, fabrication, erection and, where applicable, removal of formwork for cast in situ concrete, as well as the requirements for falsework that supports permanent forms.
    Supersedes AS 3610-1995 (in part)
    $198.15+GST (Retail), $158.52+GST (Members)
  • AS 3645-2010 Essential requirements for gas equipment
    Specifies a set of safety and performance outcomes-oriented criteria for gas equipment to ensure that the equipment is constructed in accordance with good engineering practice in regard to safety and other requirements, and does not endanger the safety of persons (particularly children, the elderly and people with disabilities), domestic animals or property when properly installed, maintained and used in applications for which it is designed.
    $81.39+GST (Retail), $65.11+GST (Members)
  • AS 4959-2010 Acoustics – Measurement, prediction and assessment of noise from wind turbine generators
    Sets out a method for the measurement, prediction and assessment of noise from wind turbine generators.
    $138.29+GST (Retail), $110.63+GST (Members)
  • AS ISO 16003-2010 Components for fire extinguishing systems using gas – Requirements and test methods – Container valve assemblies and their actuators; selector valves and their actuators; nozzles; flexible and rigid connectors; and check valves and non-return valves
    Proposes requirements and describes test methods for the following components used in gaseous fire extinguishing systems: container valve assemblies which include container valve, actuator and, if applicable, a diptube; selector valves and their actuators; agent distribution nozzles; flexible connectors; and check and non-return valves.
    $164.85+GST (Retail), $131.88+GST (Members)
  • HB 46-2010 Fire Safety in the Home
    Supersedes HB 46-1993
    $138.29+GST (Retail), $110.63+GST (Members)

New Amendments

  • Amendment 1:2010 to AS 3958.1-2007 Ceramic tiles – Guide to the installation of ceramic tiles
    $29.95+GST (Members), $37.44+GST (Retail)
  • Amendment 1:2010 to AS 3962-2001 Guidelines for design of marinas
    $29.95+GST (Members), $37.44+GST (Retail)
  • Amendment 1:2010 to AS 4700.3(Int)-2007 Implementation of Health Level Seven (HL7) Version 2.5 – Electronic message for exchange of information on drug prescription
    $29.95+GST (Members), $37.44+GST (Retail)
  • Amendment 1:2010 to AS 4970-2009 Protection of trees on development sites
    $29.95+GST (Members), $37.44+GST (Retail)

Superseded and withdrawn Standards

  • AS 1159-1988 Polyethylene pipes for pressure applications
    Withdrawn without replacement
  • AS 1359.10-1989 Rotating electrical machines – General requirements – Designations and dimensions
    Withdrawn without replacement
  • AS 2561-1982 Guide to the determination and use of quality costs
    Superseded by AS 2561-2010
  • AS 3569-1989 Steel wire ropes
    Superseded by AS 3569-2010
  • AS 3610-1995 Formwork for concrete
    Superseded by AS 3610.1-2010 but remains Current
  • AS 8015-2005 Corporate governance of information and communication technology
    Superseded by AS/NZS ISO/IEC 38500:2010
  • HB 46-1993 Guide to residential fire safety
    Superseded by HB 46-2010

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