The contribution of Standards ISO ITwork session September 2010

ISO will hold an open session 'IT@work – the contribution of Standards' in Oslo on 16 September 2010, at the 33rd International Organization for Standardization (ISO) General Assembly. Standards provide a framework for the modern world of work, but it is an invisible one as many people are unaware of the huge contribution of Standards. This open session intends to highlight the influence and impact of Standards 'at work'.

Information technologies (IT) impact on people's work in all sectors, all over the world. Global supply chains, cross-border trade in goods and services, banking, and finance, depend on IT. Use of IT in the health sector and in technologies to improve sustainability of the environment is another crucial aspect that helps business and society operate efficiently. Compatibility and interoperability between IT hardware, software, and systems, is crucial to the development of global markets and to address global challenges.

ISO, whose efficient system for achieving global consensus between countries and throughout

business sectors, is one of the principal actors for the development of global IT Standards. But

IT is at work in almost all of ISO's 18 000 plus Standards and it is this pervasiveness that is

one of the central themes of the open session.

The 'IT@work – the contribution of Standards' session will cover the following:

  • the growing use of IT in the health sector
  • 'building smart' – with a particular emphasis on the use of the ISO Standard-based Building Information Model
  • exploring the environmental aspects and implications of 'green IT'
  • exploring the IT challenges facing developing countries
  • future evolutions in the IT industry and their implications for the way ISO and Standards bodies work.

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