Standards Australia project prioritisation process finalised

Standards Australia has implemented a rigorous and transparent process to assist in prioritising the Standards Development projects which will be resourced by Standards Australia.

The submission period for proposals for projects to be considered in the first prioritisation round for Standards Australia resourcing in 2010-11 closed on Tuesday 15 June 2010. Nearly 100 proposals covering approximately 300 projects were received from a wide range of stakeholders.

The proposals are now being evaluated, with the Standards Development Committee (SDC) meeting in August to make a decision on a portfolio of projects to be undertaken in the first round for 2010-11. The SDC is a committee of the Standards Australia Board, comprising representatives of Standards Australia's Council members. It will have visibility of all proposals received during the submission period.

The formal assessment process consists of all proposals being individually assessed against the criteria described in Section 3 of the Standards Australia Guide to the Project Prioritisation Process and Criteria, on the basis of information provided in the proposal.

The main criterion for project prioritisation is assessment of Net Benefit to the Australian community. This is determined by evaluating project benefits against costs and impacts of implementation on relevant stakeholders.

The impact of a range of other factors including strategic alignment to national interest and public policy, evidence of or potential for market failure, references in legislation and international alignment will also be considered in the individual assessment and in the comparison of projects to ensure a balance across interest areas is achieved.

Proponents will be advised of the outcome of their proposal in August, with approved projects scheduled to start from 1 September 2010. Project commencement dates will be staggered from September to December as current work is completed and resources become available.

There will be a second opportunity in late 2010 to submit proposals for Standards Australia resourced projects, to start in the first half of 2011. Proponents unsuccessful in the first round of prioritisation may discuss their Standards Development options with their Sector Manager and are welcome to re-submit their proposals.

For full details on the Prioritisation and Selection Process, including the evaluation and assessment, please refer to the Standards Australia Guide to the Project Prioritisation Process and Criteria

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