Library registry international Standard adapted for the digital age

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The third revision of a successful ISO Standard for libraries provides a state-of-the art registry framework. Information and documentation – Registry services for libraries and related organizations ISO 2146:2010 has been adapted to address the changes in methods of collecting information and exchanging data between libraries.

'The collections of libraries and cultural institutions today typically consist of a mixture of physical, digitised and licensed digital content,' says Alison Elliott, Chair of TC46/SC4. 'These collections are available for discovery online with a variety of delivery services appropriate to the form of material and the economic and legal terms under which the resources may be made available externally.'

'The revised ISO 2146 provides an agreed framework for the description of cultural collections and services and will encourage the creation of globally interoperable registries. Such registries will be essential to a cohesive system of discovery and delivery from the viewpoint of library users. Such registries will also underpin international cooperation in the creation and curation of comprehensive and effective collections.'

ISO 2146:

  • offers a conceptual basis to develop registry services needed to support usage scenarios for physical and digital libraries and related cultural institutions
  • establishes the rules for registries operating in a network environment to provide information about an institution's collections, parties, activities, and services
  • applies to national registries published in bilingual or multilingual countries and to national and regional registries intended for international use.

As a framework Standard, ISO 2146:2010 does not lay down how data should be registered, but provides a range of examples for implementers, rather than being restrictive or prescriptive.

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