Fat content of milk ISO Standard provides guidelines

A person pours milk into a bottle

ISO and the International Dairy Federation (IDF) have published a new edition of the Standard providing testing requirements and guidelines to determine the fat content of milk, Milk – Determination of fat content – Gravimetric method (Reference method) ISO 1211|IDF 1:2010. In New Zealand ISO 1211|IDF 1 is the reference fat method used for payment purposes to farmers, herd improvement, and regulatory compliance testing.

ISO 1211|IDF 1 has been an important Standard in the milk industry since 1984 when it was first published. It is globally accepted as the reference method for a wide range of dairy products including liquid and dried milks (all types), cream, dried whey, and ice cream.

The 2010 edition of ISO 1211|IDF 1 was developed by the ISO/IDF joint action team 'Fat', an international group of experts chaired by Dr. Jaap Evers (Fonterra). This edition brings the content up to date with state-of-the-art developments. Originally applicable to cow's milk, the methodology can now be used for sheep and goat's milk, as well as chemically preserved and processed liquid milk.

'The fat content of milk is an important quality factor, and a major determinant of the price paid to milk producers,' says Silvia Orlandini,ISO/IDF Project Leader for this edition of ISO 1211|IDF 1. 'Harmonised test procedures allow the comparison of different products from various manufacturers. They also help deter and prevent the adulteration of milk designed to falsify fat content.'

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