International workshop managing risk by design

Issue 19 – August 2010

An ISO/CASCO workshop on 17 November 2010 will look at how the design of conformity assessment strategies to manage risk can be seen as part of normal risk management. Held in Paris, France, this ISO/CASCO workshop will also be offered as a webinar.

The workshop will concentrate on how to select conformity assessment models based on risk and to identify if these can be used successfully to manage business activities within acceptable levels.

According to organisers, the 2010 workshop will aim to:

  • identify if risk management should be a key factor in the development of conformity assessment Standards
  • determine if and how CASCO can provide guidance in the management of risk in the design of conformity assessment strategies (whether it is for public or private sector)
  • identify if and how conformity assessment strategies and CASCO can assist sectors such as financial, legal, insurance, and governmental in mitigating their risks using conformity assessment strategies
  • determine if there is a sufficient consensus on a potential need for international work on risk-based approaches to the design of conformity assessment strategies.

Visit the ISO website to learn more or to register for the webinar.

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