Confused by rings beeps and honks ISO Standard offers a solution

Issue 23 – December 2010

Are the rings, beeps, honks, and other sounds made by consumer products driving you crazy? Are you confused about which product is making the sound signal, and what it means?

To respond to these issues, ISO has developed a Standard providing auditory signal patterns used to convey information to consumers related to a product's use. Now everyday items such as your personal computer, your camera, or your child's favourite toy will give out a signal that will be easy to understand, without causing confusion with other sound signals.

ISO 24500:2010, Ergonomics – Accessible design – Auditory signals for consumer products, is designed to improve the usability and accessibility of auditory signals used in consumer products, thereby improving their use not only by people with visual or hearing disabilities, but also by the elderly, the temporarily disabled – and by those with no disability at all.

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