ISO publishes technical report about nanomaterials

Issue 20 – September 2010

From new medical applications, to the latest gadgets and consumer products, innovative nanotechnology is pushing the boundaries of what we believed possible. For this technology to develop we need a clear understanding and a logical classification of nanomaterials.

To address this issue ISO has published the technical report Nanotechnologies – Methodology for the classification and categorization of nanomaterials ISO/TR 11360:2010. The technical report offers a comprehensive methodology for classifying nanomaterials.

ISO/TR 11360 introduces a system called the 'nano-tree', which places nanotechnology concepts into a logical context by indicating relationships among them as a branching tree. The most basic and common elements are defined as the main trunk of the tree, and nanomaterials are then differentiated in terms of structure, chemical nature, and other properties.

'The document provides users with a structured view of nanotechnology, and facilitates a common understanding of its concepts', says Peter Hatto, Chair of the committee that developed the Standard (ISO/TC 229). 'It offers a systematic approach and a commonsense hierarchy.'

Hatto adds, 'The benefits for this emerging field are enormous. Most importantly, ISO/TR 11360 will promote clear and useful communication among industry consumers, governments, and regulatory bodies.'

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