Guidance for stakeholder engagement new work item proposal

A new work item proposal has been proposed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on guidance for stakeholder engagement.

The proposed Standard will:

  • provide guidance on identifying and engaging with stakeholders, to provide an informed basis for an organisation's decisions. Such engagement activities can range from information provision for consultations, to full multi-stakeholder processes
  • cover principles and provide practical guidance in planning, designing, communicating, and implementing a timely and proactive engagement activity
  • include guidance about what needs to be considered before deciding to undertake a consultation process
  • be applicable to all organisations. While the practical guidance in this Standard could be used by the public and private sector in policy, programme, and project development, it is not intended to provide guidance on broader matters of representative democracy or corporate governance.

Standards New Zealand will be liaising with stakeholders to see whether they believe that this Standard should be developed, and if so, whether New Zealand should participate. If it is determined that New Zealand wishes to actively participate, appropriate resources will need to be made available by interested parties in order to do this. If you are interested in commenting, please email, or phone 04 498 5945.

Published in international.