Product marking

Global industries widely use machine-readable markings, such as bar codes, on products for inventory control, quality control, and product life cycle management.  Common technologies, data structures, conformance, and applications standards, are necessary to enable all trading partners to gain the maximum benefits from such markings, both internally and along the supply chain.

ISO 28219:2009, Packaging – Labelling and direct product marking with linear bar code and two-dimensional symbols, defines the machine-readable (linear, two dimensional, and composite symbols) and human readable content, as well as the physical characteristics of the symbols for direct marking and labelling of items, parts, and components.

Mr. Hirokuni Ono, Chair of the ISO technical committee, Packaging, says, 'A number of different product labelling and marking Standards exist, each designed to meet the requirements of a specific industry sector.'

'For effective and economic use within and between industry sectors, one common multi-industry Standard, such as ISO 28219:2009, is a necessity. A standard linear bar code or two-dimensional symbol marked on a product or part will facilitate the automation of inventory control, quality control, and product life cycle management.'

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