A new international Standard, ISO 25639:2008, is expected to bring greater transparency and consistency to the exhibition industry worldwide, by providing internationally agreed terminology and statistical methods.

'ISO 25639 will provide the common reference that enables a high level of professionalism in an increasingly global exhibition arena,' says Stephen Tan, leader of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) exhibition terminology committee. 'Industry players, which include exhibition organisers, contractors, venue operators, freight forwarders, and auditing firms, will be able to communicate consistently to all companies and corporations. This will facilitate the evaluation of statistical information and thereafter, the decision-making process.'

ISO 25639-1:2008, Exhibitions, shows, fairs and conventions – Part 1, Vocabulary, includes terms and definitions often used in the exhibition industry. ISO 25639-2:2008, Exhibitions, shows, fairs and conventions – Part 2, Measurement procedures for statistical purposes, provides standard measurement procedures, to increase confidence in statistics related to exhibitions.

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