Future social responsibility Standard published as a draft international Standard

The future international Standard 'Guidance on social responsibility' ISO 26000 has reached an important phase in its development with its publication as a Draft International Standard (DIS).

ISO 26000 will distil a globally relevant understanding of what social responsibility is and what organisations need to do to operate in a socially responsible way. The Standard will provide harmonised, globally relevant guidance to encourage the implementation of best practice in social responsibility worldwide.

The guidance in ISO 26000 is intended to be clear and understandable, even to non-specialists, objective, and applicable to all types of organisation, in both private and public sectors, in developed and developing countries. It will assist these organisations in their efforts to operate in the socially responsible manner that society increasingly demands.

Sustainable business for organisations means not only providing products and services that satisfy the customer, and doing so without jeopardising the environment, but also operating in a socially responsible manner. Pressure to do so comes from customers, consumers, governments, associations, and the public at large. At the same time, far-sighted organisational leaders recognise that lasting success must be built on credible business practices and the prevention of activities such as fraudulent accounting and labour exploitation.

ISO 26000 is currently targeted for publication in 2011. New Zealand is currently an observer member on the working group developing the Standard.

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