Proposal for technical activity on vape and vapour products

Standards New Zealand is seeking feedback on a proposal for a new field of technical activity on vape and vapour products.

AFNOR, the national member body for France has proposed this activity. 

The scope of the proposal is the following:

  • standardisation of requirements and test methods of vape and vapour products
  • standardisation of product information and services related to the use of vapour products.

Note: these products are not intended to be used by children under eighteen. 

The verb ‘vape’, a word that originated as an abbreviation of vapour or vaporise, means ‘to inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device’. As a sign of its popularity, this new word has been elected Word of the Year 2014 by the Oxford Dictionaries. 

Vape or vapour products refer to devices used to transform a consumable into an inhalable aerosol and also to the e-liquids intended for transformation into an aerosol. This definition covers a wide range of devices including electronic cigarettes, e-cigars, e-pipes, and e-chichas which may be disposable or refillable by means of a refill container and a tank, or rechargeable with single use cartridges. 

Most of the current consumables are liquids or gel consumables mainly composed of glycerol and propylene glycol, but considering the fast evolution of this growing market, new kinds of consumables might be reasonably foreseen. 

The following are intended to be excluded from the scope of this committee:

  • tobacco products involving a combustion process (cigarettes, cigars, roll-your-own tobacco products, and so on)
  • smokeless tobacco products including chewing tobacco, nasal tobacco, and tobacco for oral use
  • all kinds of consumable products containing tobacco or nicotine
  • pharmaceutical products. 

Standards New Zealand is consulting with stakeholders in this area to determine New Zealand's response. 

To submit comments including support for or opposition to the proposal, please email

Comments received will be used to form a New Zealand position on this proposal. Please provide your comments by 11 September 2015

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