Expanded role of pharmacists means better patient care

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Some pharmacists can now prescribe or modify medication, order and check laboratory test results, and vaccinate patients. A series of changes over the past few years has seen the role of pharmacists expand and patients are seeing the benefits.

New Zealand now has 14 trained pharmacy prescribers able to prescribe a range of medicines to patients. Another seven will join them this year and the number is expected to continue to grow as more pharmacists complete the specialist training.

Pharmacists are not only able to prescribe medication, they are also able to check laboratory test results and, in some instances, order tests to ensure patients are taking their medication correctly.

Note: New Zealand’s Pharmacy services standard NZS 8134.7:2010 defines the quality and safety requirements to provide community and hospital-based pharmacy services and clinical pharmacy services not provided from a pharmacy.

Summarised from a New Zealand Government media release.

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