Revised ISO Standard to measure shelf life of contact lenses

Issue 43 – October 2012

The number of contact lens users keeps growing year after year, around the world. This is due to significant progress made in lens quality and comfort. However, it is important that the quality of contact lenses is maintained throughout their proposed shelf-life. ISO 11987:2012 Ophthalmic optics – Contact lenses – Determination of shelf-life will help to ensure that the quality of contact lenses does not deteriorate during storage and that the lenses will be safe and effective at the time of use.

ISO 11987 will enable manufacturers to recommend storage conditions throughout the time of their storage and distribution. The Standard specifies test procedures to be applied to lenses, to measure whether the lenses have changed their properties from the time of their manufacture, once they are placed in their final packaging, up until the time they are first used by the wearer.

Summarised from an ISO media release 4 September 2012.

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Published in health.

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