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Proposals to withdraw health standards

It’s important that healthcare standards remain up to date. However, many in NZ were written over 10 years ago. We want your input on these aged standards, which cover important areas like health and disability services, mental health sector auditing, ambulance and paramedic services, and fertility services. If we receive no objections by 3 May, these will be withdrawn. Please tell us what you think.

Streamlined process speeds up standards development and reduces costs

Over the past year Standards New Zealand has been sharing our business transformation journey with customers and stakeholders. We know we need to change to remain relevant and sustainable to our users. As part of this, we’ve refreshed our business strategy and initiated a series of innovation pilots. Read more

Do you have digitally innovative ways to add value to standards?

The Standards New Zealand strategy commits us to add value by working more closely with our partners. A recent example of this was the launch of a ‘value-add’ workstream, which will enable third-party providers to produce digitally-enabled services using our standards content. Read more

Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC) 2019

We are pleased to be hosting the 2019 Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC) Annual General Meetings in Wellington. The meetings run from 8-11 April and include a 1.5-day workshop and gala dinner, followed by the 42nd PASC AGM on the 10th and 11th of April. We are delighted to be able to co-host the workshop with ISO, under the theme ‘Standards and Regulatory Stewardship’.

The workshop is open to ISO and IEC members and partners, PASC members, policymakers and regulators. It will provide an excellent opportunity to hear from international speakers and for regulators and standards bodies to discuss how they can work better together

To see the draft workshop programme and register visit the PASC website.

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