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Welcome to my March update for Touchstone.

New digital formats for standards – Try them out

Please have a look at a pilot standard in two alternative formats and let us know what you think. Complete the (very short!) survey, which closes in June 2018 … more

New free online web service for exporters – ePing

Standards New Zealand is encouraging the use of ePing, a free online web service for exporters, operated by the World Trade Organization. ePing provides the latest information on regulations, standards, and product requirements in export markets … more

New standards

Corrosion protection for steelwork – New technical specification

SNZ TS 3404:2018 Durability requirements for steel structures and components covers the corrosion protection of structural steelwork exposed to New Zealand atmospheric and non-atmospheric environments … more

Lead paint management – New standard published

AS/NZS 4361.2:2017 Guide to hazardous paint management – Part 2: Lead paint in residential, public and commercial buildings provides guidance for the management of lead paint on non-industrial structures like residential, public, and commercial buildings … more

Standard helps suppliers produce safer consumer products – NZS ISO 10377:2017

NZS ISO 10377:2017 Consumer product safety – Guidelines for suppliers provides guidance and tools to identify, assess, eliminate, or reduce potential safety risks, before a product enters the market … more

Keeping risk management simple – Revised ISO 31000

The international standard for risk management has been revised. ISO 31000:2018 Risk management – Guidelines helps organisations use risk management principles to improve planning and make better decisions … more

Standard development committees – Updates

Extension to the end date for public consultation on timber standards

Standards New Zealand has decided to extend the time frames for public consultation on the draft standards of NZS 3602 Timber and wood-based products for use in buildings and NZS 3640 Chemical preservation of round and sawn timber to 6 April 2018 … more

Growing the pool of experts on standard development committees

We’re focused on deepening the pool of technical experts on standards development committees. As part of a new project to do just that, we’re developing a strategy to create a larger base of willing committee members from nominating organisations … more

Gas standards committee meeting – Latest developments

Last month, Standards New Zealand hosted the AG-001 Gas appliances committee in Wellington, which provided the opportunity for keen industry observers in New Zealand to learn about the latest developments … more

ISO new work and new field proposals

Standards New Zealand is seeking feedback from relevant stakeholders on the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) proposal for the development of two new fields of technical activity and one new work item proposal:

  • ISO new field of technical inquiry proposal – Karst … more
  • ISO new field of technical activity proposal – Musical instruments … more
  • ISO new work item proposal – Guidelines on Integrating a Business Excellence framework with ISO management system standards … more

Industry news

New industry safety policy – To improve button battery safety

New Zealand is one of the first countries in the world to enact a Product Safety Policy Statement, which gives the industry a proactive opportunity to make products safer for New Zealanders … more

Shake-up following Kaikoura

An article in Build magazine February 2018 outlines how changes have been made to the standard for concrete construction, NZS 3101.1&2:2006, after the Kaikoura earthquake in November 2016 … more

Johnson & Johnson products to meet NZ sunscreen standards

Sunscreen producer Johnson & Johnson has agreed to only sell sunscreen products that meet the joint Australian/New Zealand standards … more

The road to ISO 45001

The new international standard ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems will be released shortly. Chris Peace, a risk management consultant, evaluates its significance … more

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