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Welcome to my April update for Touchstone.

NZS 8510 Testing and decontamination of methamphetamine-contaminated properties

We have a further update this month on progress of the standard we are developing for testing and decontamination of methamphetamine-contaminated properties.

The committee developing NZS 8510 met again on 21 March 2017. As a result of the number and nature of public comments on the draft standard, and the time needed for the committee to consider them and determine further changes needed to the standard, the planned publication date for the final standard will now shift … more 

Review of New Zealand Standards

As part of our aged catalogue review, we have two batches of standards that we propose to withdraw.  We are now seeking feedback from the general public, nominating organisations, and a broad range of stakeholders on the proposal to withdraw these standards… more 

International engagement

One of our strategic priorities is to increase New Zealand’s participation on ISO and IEC standards development committees.  We have now made it easier to find information on our website about getting involved in our international work. As well as the latest new work proposals from ISO and how you can provide comments on them, the page now also contains information on how to get involved in international and national standards development … more

Best wishes

Carmen Mak
Manager, Standards New Zealand
On behalf of the New Zealand Standards Executive





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