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Welcome to my October update.

Standards build trust

We celebrated World Standards Day on 14 October by acknowledging the contributions of thousands of experts and volunteers both in New Zealand and around the world to the development of standards. You can see our posters and read more about what the day is all about on our website … more

Meeting our customer needs

The transition into MBIE continues Standards New Zealand’s journey in aspiring to become a world-leading and innovative national standards body working to grow New Zealand for all. With this vision in mind, the next 3 years will see the implementation of a series of planned initiatives that will help achieve our enduring goals of leading the standards system in New Zealand. It will also mean maximising our contribution to the global standards community, and delivering value to customers and the public of New Zealand. 

A key initiative we are kick-starting is some market research to help identify customer needs and expectations of Standards New Zealand. This will help inform service delivery as well as product and service design through to channel and communication strategies. Underpinning all this is the need to use technology as best we can. This means that our business systems needs will feature largely through this work. We intend to provide occasional progress reports on these initiatives as we reach key milestones.

Let us know what you think about adopting consumer product safety standard

Standards New Zealand has set up a committee to look at adopting the international standard ISO 10377:2013 Consumer product safety – Guidelines for suppliers. This means that, if adopted, the standard could be applied in New ZealandThe standard follows international best practice guidance for suppliers to produce safer consumer products and thereby reduce product safety risks to consumers. It also reduces risks to suppliers of product recalls, and provides consumers with information to make informed choices on the safe use and disposal of consumer products.

The committee has unanimously agreed that we should adopt the standard. As always with an adoption or development of a standard though, we need to hear from others in the sector or industry to which the standard relates on what they think … more

Three weeks left to provide information on timber treatments for the revision of NZS 3640:2003 Chemical preservation of round and sawn timber

NZS 3640 was published in 2003 and sets out the requirements for preservative treatment to provide protection from decay and insects and also provides identification requirements. As the first step towards its revision, Standards New Zealand is calling for information on new treatments and for any amendments to existing treatments that could be included in the revised standard, which will enable compliance with B2 Durability of the New Zealand Building Code. This information needs to be provided by 22 November … more

I will be in touch again in November.

Best wishes

Carmen Mak
On behalf of the New Zealand Standards Executive

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