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Strengthening New Zealand’s standards system

The Commerce select committee reported back to Parliament on 31 March on the Standards and Accreditation Bill. The select committee recommended a number of changes to the Bill, many of which are minor and technical in nature. The main changes recommended are to:

  • provide for a more flexible and proportionate approach to managing actual and perceived conflicts of interest for members of standards development committees
  • make it clear that New Zealand will continue to be involved in the development of international standards. 

As well as replacing the Standards Act 1988, the Bill amends and consolidates the law relating to standards and accreditation of conformity assessment bodies and replaces the Testing Laboratory Registration Act 1972 … more  

Annual customer satisfaction survey

As I mentioned last month, we are preparing for our annual performance and customer satisfaction survey. This will run from 4 – 15 May. Although the Standards and Accreditation Bill is passing through Parliament, we are still the national standards body and, as part of our continuous improvement policy, it is important to us that you let us know what we are doing well and what we could do better. 

Improvement to our services

I have included in my CE updates over the last year information on improvements to products and services that we have made as a result of comments we received in our 2014 customer survey. Another new improvement we have recently introduced is in our website search function for ISO and IEC standards. Now, when you search for an ISO product, you will see the same amendment and replacement data that you do for a New Zealand or Australian/New Zealand joint product. IEC products are now also listed with their amendments, although the full replacement history is not available for these products. 

NZS 3603 Timber structures standard

We have just signed a contract with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment for a project to replace NZS 3603:1993 with an adoption of AS 1720.1:2010 Timber structures Part 1: Design methods with modifications. You can follow progress in Touchstone and, if you subscribe to our Keep me up to date service, we can notify you when we are ready to invite comment from the public on this standard as part of its development. 

First standard in the world to help achieve a truly inclusive workplace

We were delighted earlier this month to publish the first standard in the world that will assist organisations achieve a truly inclusive workplace.  

NZS 8200:2015 Rainbow-inclusive workplaces: A standard for gender and sexual diversity in employment outlines the requirements to be met for organisations to be recognised as inclusive and safe workplaces for people of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity … more  

New project proposals from Standards Australia

Standards Australia has collated new standards development project proposals for its 10th prioritisation round. 

The Prioritisation and Selection Process is used to assess, select, and prioritise new standards development projects. This process takes place twice a year and ensures resources are allocated where they can deliver greatest benefit to the community and allow Standards Australia to operate on a sustainable basis. You can see the list of proposed projects and a contact for providing input in Touchstone … more 

Health services for aged societies – ISO workshop

ISO is holding an international workshop in the UK on Community-based Integrated Health and Care Services for Aged Societies with the aim of developing an International Workshop Agreement (IWA) that will initiate an international discussion within the ISO structure on the shaping of aged societies in the future. There are more details on the workshop and how to register in Touchstone … more  

There is more news on standards and the standards world in Touchstone

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