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A warm welcome

We are delighted to welcome our new marketing manager, Sheil Priest. Sheil has been working in communications and marketing for over 20 years with extensive experience gained in the private and public sectors. Sheil already has some exciting ideas and plans to improve our products and services, some of which are in direct response to comments from our customer satisfaction and performance survey … more 

New business hours

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure easier access to our products and services, we have extended our business hours so you can now call us between 7am and 5.30pm. All of our contact details are on our website … more  

Updated work programme

The Standards New Zealand work programme, which is published every three months on our website, has recently been updated. In addition to our own New Zealand-only standards, the work programme includes projects that have Standards Australia as the secretariat … more  


We have received great positive feedback on recent changes to our online committee tool SPEX. The changes include a new look and feel, an updated logo that is more consistent with our brand, responsive design so it is easier to use on tablets and phones, a new search function, and a new balloting system… more

Meritorious Service Awards

Thank you to those of you who attended our Meritorious Service Awards breakfast at Parliament on 26 August. We had over 100 guests present to share the pleasure of celebrating our most worthy winners for this year ... more

The wide reach of standards

Recent publications reflect the wide range of sectors that standards cover. These include: 

Safety: AS/NZS 3629.4:2014 Methods of testing child restraints – Method 4: Determination of the force required to adjust a harness provides manufacturers and testing authorities with a method for testing a child restraint for ease of adjustment … more  

AS/NZS 1900:2014 Flotation aids for water familiarization and swimming tuition specifies the design and performance requirements for manufacturers of flotation aids. These flotation aids help non-swimmers to be comfortable in water and to learn to swim … more  

Business: AS/NZS ISO 19011:2014 Guidelines for auditing management systems provides guidance on auditing management systems and includes the principles of auditing, managing an audit program, and conducting management system audits … more  

Health: Three new standards specifying requirements for sterile gloves used in medical examinations … more  

Building and construction: A set of universal hand signals, for adoption wherever lifting operations take place in building or construction making those operations safer and more efficient … more 

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