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Annual customer satisfaction survey

Many thanks to everyone who responded to our recent annual customer satisfaction survey. It is important to us that we are aware of what we are doing well and what we could do better. We are currently in the process of collating and analysing your feedback.

New feature on our webshop

I am pleased to advise that, as part of our continuous improvement policy, we have recently introduced the first part of a new feature to our webshop. Part 1 of this project means that on the shop pages of certain standards, there is now a button to click on which will display a preview of the standard’s content.  We have introduced this feature to help ensure that purchasers can access the exact standard they are looking for. This will be extended across all our standards as time goes on.

Standards catalogue review

The third batch of New Zealand standards under review and proposed for withdrawal is now available on our website for comment. These will be available for comment from Tuesday 3 June 2014 to Tuesday 5 August 2014 … more

A new batch of joint standards under review and proposed for withdrawal is also on our website for comments. The proposal to withdraw will be available for comment from Tuesday 3 June 2014 to Tuesday 17 June 2014 … more

Amendment to specification for performance of windows

We have also just published an amendment to NZS 4211:2008 Specification for performance of windows. NZS 4211 is a standard for the performance testing of individual windows and doors for exterior use that may be manufactured from various materials or combinations of materials … more

Evaluating a city's service delivery and quality of life

A new international standard outlining key measurements for evaluating a city's service delivery and quality of life has been published. Its use will help city managers, politicians, researchers, business leaders, planners, designers, and other professionals to focus on key issues, and put in place policies for more livable, tolerant, sustainable, resilient, economically attractive, and prosperous cities. The indicators included in ISO 37120:2014 will help cities to assess their performance and measure progress overtime, with the ultimate goal of improving quality of life and sustainability … more


We have recently become active on the social media website LinkedIn. If you are a member of LinkedIn, you can receive our updates by ‘following us’ on our page

Pricing changes, effective from 1 July 2014

Sound business practice requires us to regularly monitor the cost of providing our products and services. The cost of printing, publishing, and distributing standards publications and our ongoing operational expenses have continued to rise since our last price review.

Accordingly, we will be applying an average price increase of 2.4% affecting some of our products, services, and fees, effective from 1 July 2014. There will be more information on our website shortly.

Electricity Engineers’ Association 2014 conference

We are pleased to be a sponsor of the Electricity Engineers’ Association 2014 conference. The EEA Conference provides a three day national forum for power engineering practitioners and technical experts to examine and discuss industry issues, to share knowledge, and to learn about new technologies and systems in the many fields of power engineering … more 

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