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We have recently published an update of our work programme for 2014. The programme, which is updated every 3 months, contains a list of all New Zealand and joint standards that are in development … more

Standards and policy and legislation

Over the last year or so, we have produced some useful resources standards, what they are, how they are developed, and how they are used. One of these is How are standards used in policy and legislation? We were pleased to be able to provide a copy of this booklet to the Parliamentary Counsel Office … more 

Strengthening New Zealand’s standards system

In December, I advised of the establishment of the Implementation Oversight Group (IOG) to oversee the transition of the standards development and access function to a Statutory Officer function to be located in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, and the establishment of an approval Board. The IOG meets fortnightly and is preparing to implement Cabinet's decisions, pending legislation change. This involves four work streams: ongoing project management, legislative change, designing the future model, and due diligence of Standards New Zealand. 

Earlier in February, some members of the IOG met with key stakeholders to talk about the review outcomes and the new institutional arrangements for standards development and access to standards. The presentation is on our website.

Work has also been underway on creating an accountability and funding model under which the new arrangements can operate in a government department. This work has been done to make for a smoother transition. 

Safety main priority for gas appliances committee

Standards New Zealand in conjunction with Standards Australia was pleased to host the joint Australian/New Zealand committee AG-001 Gas appliances earlier in February. The committee deals with primarily domestic gas appliances, although some fall into the industrial category.  Trevor Tucker, who hails from Adelaide, has been chair of the committee for 4 years and, in an interview for a Touchstone article, said that, although the committee takes design and construction features into consideration, its main priority is safety … more


Other newly published articles in Touchstone include the dangers of button batteries to children, a new ISO data protection policy and protocol, and a business that used ISO 22301 Societal security - Business continuity management systems - Requirements to prepare for any sudden disruptions to its operations.


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