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Maintaining a contemporary catalogue

I advised in the March update that we are undertaking a review of the New Zealand standards catalogue. We are reviewing all New Zealand standards that are 16 years or older and not cited or referenced in any way, a total of 227 standards. The first standards under review – a total of 77 – are now available for comment … more

Draft standard on use of aircraft at wildfires

The National Rural Fire Authority has prepared a draft standard for use of aircraft at wildfires, and wishes to consult with interested parties on the draft. We are pleased to be of assistance to the authority by hosting the draft standard for comment on our website.

The draft standard has been prepared under section 18(2) of the Forest and Rural Fires Act with the endorsement of the Rural Fire Committee of the Fire Service Commission … more

Glossary of building terms now in iBook format

We are pleased to be offering NZMP 4212 Glossary of building terminology in iBook format from iTunes. The book is available for purchase through iBooks on your Mac or iPad, and iTunes on your computer/PC ... more

Annual customer satisfaction and performance survey

Standards New Zealand is always looking for ways to improve our services to standards development clients, committee members, and customers.

To help us achieve this, we have commissioned independent research company, Andrew Fletcher Consulting, to conduct our annual performance and customer satisfaction survey … more

Revised standard NZS 7901:2014

This month we are publishing NZS 7901:2014 Electricity and gas industries – Safety management systems for public safety. This is a revision of the 2008 standard. NZS 7901 provides guidance to owners and operators of electricity generation, transmission, or distribution network assets, or gas distribution assets, who are required by statute to have a Safety Management System (SMS).

Gas meetings focus on safety and standards

To improve gas safety, Standards New Zealand organises and facilitates 6-monthly meetings of the Gas Community Group and Gas Sector Board. The groups met in March and reviewed gas safety and standards development work … more

Congratulations to committee member David Percy

I wish to offer my congratulations to committee member David Percy who has grown a successful fire alarm company and who featured recently in the media. David set up Pertronic Industries in Lower Hutt in 1982 after he left his job at the Post Office designing fire detection systems for automatic telephone exchanges … more


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