Guidelines for managing beaches

Deck chairs on beach

Beaches are an important part of our ecology, and keeping them clean, safe, and sustainable is as essential for people as it is for our planet.

ISO’s new standard for beaches, ISO13009 Tourism and related services – Requirements and recommendations for beach operation, provides robust internationally agreed guidelines for operators to make better decisions about managing their beaches.

In addition to general beach management, ISO 13009:2015 includes everything from beach and water safety, to cleaning, infrastructure, waste disposal, planning, and promotion.

The standard is a useful tool to assist travel agents, hotel owners, property developers, and local governments better manage their beaches. In addition, compliance with ISO 13009:2015 is also a valuable marketing tool to attract public funding for further improvements as well as investors and visitors that will aid commercial services in the area.

It also helps to ensure that entertainment activities in the area are conducted within a socially responsible framework, and provides guidance on safety and hygiene for visitors.

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