Sustainable development for organisations – revised BSI standards published

A sustainable organisation is inclusive and transparent, acts with integrity, and preserves the resources for which it is responsible. Sustainable development is more than just addressing environmental issues and there have been growing calls in the UK and elsewhere for clear guidance to support the cost-efficient and effective integration of sustainable development for organisations. That’s why BSI has revised BS 8900 Managing sustainable development and made it available in two parts.

BS 8900-1:2013 Managing sustainable development. Guide provides guidance on managing sustainable development. It provides a framework to help organisations to improve performance and effectiveness, and to embed sustainable development management in everyday decision-making.

BS 8900-2:2013 Managing sustainable development of organizations. Framework for assessment against BS 8900-1. Specification is about business leaders taking a responsible approach to social, economic and environmental matters that are relevant to their organisation, and expressing these in line with the business case. It provides a strategically based framework, or scheme, which aims to direct and lead the organisation’s approach. The standard can be used to embed the principles set out in 8900-1, thus helping organisations to determine and follow their own pathway on sustainable development

Summarised from BSI’s website.

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