Biodiversity code of practice

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BSI has published BS 42020 Biodiversity. Code of practice for planning and development, which offers a clear method for biodiversity management. By adopting BS 42020, authorities, developers, planners, and ecologists will have the necessary information and methodology to make sound decisions on biodiversity issues.

The code provides:

  • guidance on how to produce clear and concise ecological information to accompany planning applications
  • recommendations on professional ethics, conduct, competence, and judgement to give confidence that proposals for biodiversity conservation, and consequent decisions/actions taken, are sound and appropriate
  • direction on effective decision-making in biodiversity management
  • a framework to demonstrate how biodiversity has been managed during the development process to minimise impact. 

BSI has also developed Smart guide to biodiversity in planning and development that provides an introduction to the benefits of BS 42020 and how you can use the code to make sound decisions on biodiversity issues.

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