How ISO Standards help address global water challenges new brochure

ISO and water brochure cover

Issue 35 – February 2012

A new International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO & water brochure outlines how international Standards help to address global water challenges.

Although essential for life, water supplies are burdened by drought, water shortages, climate change, contamination and pollution, the requirements of large cities, intensive irrigation, and a growing population with higher standards of living. Water challenges cut across boundaries and require a global response.

ISO Standards offer harmonised technology, terminology, and best practice, so that countries sharing the same water resources can work together efficiently and effectively. Of ISO's more than 19000 international Standards, over 550 relate specifically to water. These Standards tackle issues like service management of drinking and wastewater systems, water supply during crisis situations, irrigation, quality and conservation (for example, hydrometry, quality sampling, and water footprint, and infrastructure (for example, pipes, valves, and metering).

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