Green Growth Advisory Group launches issues paper

Issue 30 – August 2011

The Green Growth Advisory Group, administered by the Ministry of Economic Development, recently launched its new issues paper, setting out important areas New Zealand needs to tackle to take advantage of the global interest in green growth.

The Group was appointed by the government and is now seeking the public's view on the paper: Green Growth – Issues for New Zealand. The paper says rising global awareness of environmental issues and the pressure on natural resources present a major question for countries and their citizens around the world: 'How do we achieve economic growth and development while recognising the limits inherent in natural systems and the need for greater environmental stewardship?'

Advisory Group Chair Phil O'Reilly says the move towards a low-carbon economy will need support from business, government, and the community.

The Advisory Group will report to the government in December 2011 but wants to hear the public's views on three important topics.

  1. How New Zealand, and in particular government agencies, can help exporters leverage greater value in international markets from our 'clean, green' brand.
  2. Opportunities for smarter use of existing technologies and innovation, as well as greater development and adoption of new technologies (including clean technologies) in our productive sectors.
  3. Options for our small and medium-sized businesses to move to a lower carbon economy while sustaining the desired level of productive growth.

Visit the Ministry of Economic Development's website to read more about the Green Growth Advisory Group and the issues paper (

Summarised from the July 2011 Business Update, Ministry of Economic Development.

Published in environment.