Greenhouse gas programmes new brochure

Issue 24 – February 2011

ISO has published a new brochure that provides an overview of the different greenhouse gas (GHG) programmes that have been launched to tackle climate change. The brochure describes the practical role that GHG metrics Standards such as ISO 14064 can play.

The Greenhouse gas programmes brochure provides information to potential users of GHG Standards and programmes, covering the following issues:

  • overview of the climate change context including a map of available GHG Standards and those Standards currently being developed
  • how GHG Standards can provide the tools to implement climate mitigation and adaptation strategies
  • the future of GHG Standards and how they can promote a faster up-take of new green technologies and low-emission practices
  • opportunities to enhance current GHG Standards and Standards development.

Download the Greenhouse gas programmes brochure [2.15MB PDF].

Published in environment.