Environment Court acknowledges wind farm noise Standard

Issue 31 – September 2011

The Environment Court has approved the development of a wind farm for Ohariu Valley in Wellington, acknowledging in its decision that NZS 6808:2010 Acoustics – Wind farm noise was the basis for setting noise limits for wind farms.

Meridian Energy's Mill Creek wind farm proposal was approved subject to removing five turbines due to adverse visual effects on nearby rural lifestyle properties.

The decision was welcomed by the New Zealand Wind Energy Association (WEA). In a press release, WEA Chief Executive Officer Eric Pyle said the decision was 'another positive step forward for the wind industry in New Zealand'.

He also said, 'The Court's adoption of the NZS 6808 wind farm noise Standard is encouraging. This validates the hard work the industry has put in to help develop this Standard.'

The Environment Court released its decision on 12 August 2011.

Read the decision on the Environment Court website (www.justice.govt.nz/courts/environment-court/search-environment-court-decisions-from-2006).

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