Land development Standard soon to be published

The revised Standard NZS 4404:2010 Land development and subdivision engineering is expected to be published by the end of June 2010. The name of the revised Standard will be changed to Land development and subdivision infrastructure to better reflect the scope and purpose of the Standard.

The aim of NZS 4404:2010 is to provide local authorities, developers, and their professional advisors with criteria for design and construction of land development and subdivision infrastructure. The Standard:

  • incorporates up-to-date design principles such as low impact design (LID) solutions to stormwater management, and urban design principles that encourage more sustainable places, spaces, and networks in towns and cities
  • encourages sustainable development and modern design that emphasises liveability and environmental quality. NZS 4404:2010 provides as much consistency as possible on land development and subdivision infrastructure while still allowing flexibility for local variations to suit local circumstances.

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