ISO sustainability criteria for biofuel - outcome

Standards New Zealand sought stakeholder views in late 2008 on whether the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) should develop a new international Standard on 'Sustainability criteria for biofuels'. As a result of this consultation, New Zealand voted for the work to go ahead, and to participate in its development.

The 'Sustainability criteria for biofuels' work has been approved by ISO to Preliminary Work Item (PWI) stage 0, as per New Zealand's vote. The PWI stage is applied to work items that are not ready to progress to further stages, but where there is general agreement that ISO should add this to its work programme, and develop an initial draft.

ISO will call a preliminary meeting, by June 2009, in Germany – to see what can be scoped, with a possible new project committee to be proposed to take the work forward. The German national Standards body, DIN, will host this meeting.

The aim of the meeting will be to discuss the best way to organise and structure standardisation in this field. As a member of ISO, it is possible for New Zealand to participate in this meeting.

If you would like to discuss how New Zealand could be represented in these early stage discussions, please email Angela Henderson,, at Standards New Zealand.

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