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Plastic products are traded internationally and plastics material for recovery may be obtained from various sources.  Plastics – Guidelines for the recovery and recycling of plastics waste, ISO 15270:2008, will assist the emerging worldwide market for plastics recovery and recycling. 

The Standard will help plastic resin manufacturing companies and industrial users, many of which are multinational companies, in the development of:

  • a sustainable global infrastructure for plastics recovery and recycling
  • a sustainable market for recovered plastics materials and their derived manufactured products.

The major markets for plastics are packaging, building and construction products, electrical and electronic products, automotive/transportation, and household/consumer items.  ‘Access to markets for recovered materials is an important consideration,’ says Dr Michael Fisher, committee Chair.  ‘There is already international trade in end-of-life products to reclaim or recycle the plastic components.  ISO 15270 provides a valuable resource that is globally relevant, no matter which particular legislative or regulatory framework for plastic recovery and recycling governs its application.’

A Standard for Requirements for domestic electrical appliances and equipment for reconditioning or parts recycling, AS/NZS 4701:2000, sets out requirements applying to used domestic appliances intended for sale for reuse, recycling, or historic collections. 


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