Environmental labelling

Any organisation focusing on improving the environmental aspects of its products should consider applying the ISO 14020 series, to more clearly communicate their environmental competitive advantage and help consumers make more informed choices:
  • ISO 14021:1999 Environmental labels and declarations – Self-declared environmental claims (Type II environmental labelling) covers packaging, labelling, and voluntary claims.  It states that all self-declared environmental claims shall be accurate and not misleading.
  • ISO 14024:1999 Environmental labels and declarations – Type I environmental labelling – Principles and procedure tackles Type 1 environmental labelling – commonly known as ‘ecolabelling’ (for example, the Nordic Swan or the Japanese Eco-Mark). 
  • ISO 14025:2006 Environmental labels and declarations – Type III environmental declarations – Principles and procedures gives guidance on issuing quantified environmental information about products, based on life cycle data.  Type III declarations are likely to be of increasing importance in business-to-business commerce.

Locally, the New Zealand government recently launched an ‘Ecolabels Directory’ to improve availability of information about ecolabels, and other sustainability indicators relevant to consumers, suppliers, and other organisations. 

The directory can be found on the Ministry of Economic Development website,
www.med.govt.nz: View Ecolabels Directory.


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